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CSV and JSON Changes

Upcoming changes to our CSV and JSON data files

> CSV and JSON Changes

What Is This?

For some time we have been working on a project to future proof our data files, and move to CSV as a standard format. In the early days of this project we delivered versions of the JSON and CSV files. The data in those files were correct but they had some inconsistencies. As we deliver final stages of this project, we will be making some changes to these files to reduce these inconsistencies and provide a higher standard of data.

What Does This Mean?

In some cases the CSV and JSON files that our customers are using will have some changes. As a result, all customers need to move to adopt these format changes that will be implemented with the new file format being available in early December.

How Will This Work?

Some of the types of changes you will see will be:-

  • Dates are always in the format yyyy/mm/dd (csv only)
  • Boolean fields will contain either True or False (csv only)
  • Decimal fields contain a maximum of 2 decimal places for prices, and technical data fields will match the ASCII equivalent. (csv only)
  • Fields containing a quotation mark will be wrapped in quotation marks, and the original quotation will appear as a double quote to escape it (csv only)
  • Spaces are no longer wrapped in quotation marks (csv only)
  • There are now additional, separate metadata and schema files as part of the archive for CSV products
  • Each archive file will be renamed to more accurately represent the file type. For example:
    • Beta – CSV
    • New format – CSV
    • Beta – JSON
    • New format – JSON

Further Details

If you like like to see more details specifications of the files and their changes, please use the links below:-

- CSV Phase 1

- CSV Phase 2

- CSV Phase 3

- CSV Phase 4

- JSON Phase 1

- JSON Phase 2

- JSON Phase 3

- JSON Phase 4

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